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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

What is S.A.K.G?

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program involves children in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food. It is an engaging program that encourages children to learn about healthy fresh foods and to try new foods. The program fosters healthy eating habits in children through its use of fresh produce and healthy ingredients.

Stephanie Alexander is a well known chef and food writer, who created this program as she believes that young children will develop a life- long positive attitude towards a wide range of foods if they are provided with memorable food experiences.


Kitchen Garden schools deliver regular kitchen and garden classes enabling skilled-based learning that extends across the entire school curriculum. Teachers are provided with comprehensive training and resources to deliver the Kitchen Garden Program. 


John Warby Public school is very excited to be involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. We now have garden beds that Miss Pope and her class have planted lovely produce in. We have been very busy gardening and taking care of the gardens. Very soon we will be getting our very own kitchen where selected classes will be working with Mrs Woelfle. They will be involved in preparing food and cooking recipes using the produce that we harvest from the wonderful garden.

The children are busy gardening.

 The children are busy planting our seeds and seedlings.


Our plants are loving all of the rain!!      Our lovely plants are growing    Plants love the rain


               Plants growing                 Plants loving rain


 Look what we have been making! We cannot wait until we are in the new kitchen.

 Cutting the salad
          Our pasta sauce


         Our healthy salad

The children made a lovely pasta sauce and a fresh salad with Mrs Woelfle. They used lettuce, rocket and fresh herbs from the garden. The children were all resposible for preparing and cooking the food. They sat at a table and shared the food that they made.

 The food tasted great!!